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Owen Gaudion
Owen Gaudion
Web Developer

I joined Website Success in 2017 and am one of Website Success’ Creative Website Developers. My day to day job is updating websites based on client’s requests, this could be updating their news page, to making changes on other pages within their website. Outside the office, you will find me playing football with my mates, or cheering on Pompey home and away.

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Subscriptions | Templates and layout

So as per any-other e-commerce or Web app I can style the layout by editing the existing template, great! However, I cant see where I assign a normal template to that page so the header and footer are on the page. Might just me being a bit slow in the new year!


Displaying webapps to a specific user


Is there a way to show a specific web app if this user has submitted it but show nothing else?

Basically we have an insurance kind of website where users update there profile and information. On BC at the moment they submit this information as a Web App and there is a tag that only shows web app items they have submitted.

Alternatively can this be done through custom field sets? We would need the user to be able to go to an 'update information page' pre existing information should be shown but also be editable

I know this is long winded! #help

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