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Siteglide Executive Lounge #1 Recording

Thank you to everyone who joined us for yesterday - great to see you all!

For those of you who were unable to join us live, here's the recording:

We had a special announcement: We are now giving free BC Exporter credits for each site either live now, or that you put live in the future! Get in touch if you'd like to find out more. 

We also took a look at all of the following:

  • Updates, Documentation and Videos
  • Top 10 Siteglide feature priorities
  • Migrations Advice & Tips
  • Creating a positive for your clients in migrating
  • Sneak peak of Events Module & Zapier Integrations

Q&A discussed: WCAG and ADN Compliance, SSL Certificates, User Permissions, Blog Module, Zapier, Backups & Rollbacks, Turn Key Sites, Bulk Cases Delete and more!

Here are a few helpful links mentioned:
BC Exporter:
Welcome Page to access Roadmap:

Feb 6, 2020 - Release Notes

Here are some highlights of this week's release:

- CLI deploy & export - Developers can now export all user-created code files & data from a site. You can also re-deploy code files to an existing site, or deploy to a new site.

- Toolbox Refresh - We’ve added an icon at the top of Toolbox to refresh the data inside without needing to refresh the entire page.

- ID columns & WebApp Field ID's - Most tables now have an item ID column and enable search via item ID as well. WebApps now have a toggle button that displays the field ID next to it’s name to make them easier to find.

- Form Submissions on Edge Bug - An issue in Microsoft Edge that was preventing the submission of forms has now been resolved.

- Email Marketing Sender Creation Block - We now block Campaign creation until a sender has been created, to ensure users don't hit an error.

Check out the full release notes including all new features built and bugs squashed:


Update to Cookies Document

We've updated our Cookies document to more accurately include a second required system cookie: CSRF-Token.

This cookie is automatically added when a User Submits a Form. It's essential security to protect against CSRF attacks. Essentially, it makes sure that form Submissions are coming from your Site, not from an external, malicious source.

We've also added a section to note that some eCommerce payment gateways may add their own essential cookies to your site.

How we're growing with Siteglide & Hybrid SaaS

As web developers I am sure you have experienced frustration where your clients’ online ambitions cannot be met by the limited features of the various SaaS solutions you use.

There is a better way! You might have heard us coin the term “Hybrid SaaS” as it relates the platformOS ecosystem - where stand alone SaaS services can be built on top of the ‘no-limits’ platformOS framework.

In this Town Hall, Russell Gillman of will be showing how Siteglide partners are able to utilize the SaaS CMS offered by Siteglide to build best practice business websites, BUT at any time access the unlimited power of platformOS (being the PaaS that underpins Siteglide) so you get the best of both worlds for your clients.

In this session you will hear about:-

What Hybrid SaaS looks like in action with Siteglide & PlatformOS

How using a Hybrid SaaS solution benefits Wysi; from winning leads to development

A showcase of some of our latest projects, how they were set up and how these clients are now “future proofed”:-

  • Complex database shopping centre site & interactive kiosk map
  • Brochure site with bespoke filtering
  • Marketing brochure site with bespoke search

Join us at:-

Date & Time:-

US (San Francisco) - 30th January at 2PM PDT

UK (London) - 30th January at 10PM GMT

AU (Sydney) - 31st January 9AM AEST


What's the difference between a Head and a Header? 🤔

Here's a short explination for what each of these tags are used for!

"<head>" is the element outputted immediately following the opening html tag on a page and is used to store metadata, script tags and other resources the page needs. There should only be one of these on a page.

"<header>" represents a container for introductory content or a set of navigational links and can be used mulitple times on a page if desired. 

Liquid Markup

Secure Zones, using ""

We had a question from a partner on this one today, so I thought I'd do a quick post about it, as it's easy to come across this even if you've used it before!

The following code snippet was being used to try and show/hide the login form, but was not having the desired result:

{% if == "true" %}

<p>You are already logged in!</p>

{% else %}

{%- include 'login_form', layout: 'resources_login', redirect: "/patient-resources" -%}

{% endif %}

This is because "" is a boolean parameter, which means it stores it's value as either true or false. In the liquid example above the value we are looking for is a string, as we've written "true" and quote marks define a string value. 

So here's how you write this if statement to ensure it works!

{% if == true %}

<p>You are already logged in!</p>

{% else %}

{%- include 'login_form', layout: 'resources_login', redirect: "/patient-resources" -%}

{% endif %}

I've also tweaked the liquid tags section of the doc: Secure Zones Module- Introduction


Go-Live Doc Updates

We've updated our Go-Live doc today to follow the new and improved DNS methods for putting a site live 🎉

Domains Hosted with us now automatically go live with SSL once NS records are added 👌

We're also preparing to update this document again very soon, once DNS has been released to our Portal UI!

Want to make sure you are updated as soon as DNS goes live? add your vote to the roadmap task

Release - December 11th 2019

This week's release includes:

  • Improvements to reCaptcha on forms
  • Phase 2 of Site Search that enables WebApp field searching
  • eCommerce Quotes
  • Agency Whitelabling

Checkout all of those and more here:


CRM CSV Beta feedback (Helen)

I created a form that contains a Custom Field. When the form is filled out, the data appears to be gathered in the Cases tab, but not the Custom Fields tab.

Also, I noticed that I can import data for a Custom Field set a number of times. Each time I import, the name of the Custom Field Set appears, followed by the new data.

Screen cap to follow, where data for "BC Form Data" was imported on two separate occasions:


Currently it appears that the Export button within the CRM/Users section will provide a csv file for all users, but the data exported is only from the "Details" tab ( the first tab), and does not include any data from the Custom Fields or Cases tabs.


The "Download import template" - This will also export all existing data (can split this out into separate button later) - does not seem to download all the data, specially if a second batch of imported data has been added. Only the first batch of imported data appears to be downloaded

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