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Luke Wakefield
Luke Wakefield Siteglide Admin
CEO & Co-Founder

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Cool Autoresponder Trick

Copied from Roadmap (originally created by Devon Reehl)

Just a heads up that you can output any web app item or content section in an Autoresponder layout.

You could not do this in BC.

Use case: You have a form with some text on top of it, an autoresponder and a sales page all tied to a product.

Build a "Product Control" web app, create a field for each element, and let your client just update all the text related to that product, it's pages, it's emails, right in that web app item.

Then use custom layouts to output them all in the right places.

Your client makes all their edits in one place instead of seven, and they keep their hands out of sensitive areas.


Could we have a video on how to install CLI

Originally requested by @Urszula Richards  . Copied across from Roadmap as this is where documentation improvements now live.


Blog Feedback

How could we improve the Blog module?


How could forms be improved?

Let us know what you'd like to see added to Forms.

Getting Started

Current Roadmap: See what's coming this quarter

Here's a link to the features we expect to release this quarter:

Getting Started


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CRM Custom Field Sets Feedback

How are you finding the new Custom Field Sets feature? Any issues or recommendations?


CRM - CSV Import Beta Feedback

CSV Importing is in beta 🙌 checkout the main task here:

Use this thread to give us any & all feedback for it.

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