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Luiz Sifuentes
Luiz Sifuentes
Web Designer

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Images on CDN and imgIX

I have a website that has a photo gallery that is rather large. I know images and assets are served via CDN, but I've been looking in to imgIX to better serve the end user and handle image size and resolutions. Does anyone use imgIX on a Siteglide build? Should the master images be hosted on the Siteglide instance or our own AWS directory? Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

Complete image path in asset_url

I recently added some images to a site to update a few items in a web app. It appears that the path shown in the UI is now the complete image url and not just a partial (See images). The fix I am currently using is simply to drop off the asset_url markup (see code sample) but I am having to go back and update the images for all web app items. Anyone else experienced this? All modules are up-to-date on instance. 

Rendering path twice:

<img src="{{ this['Image'] | asset_url }}" alt="{{}}" />


<img src="{{this['Image']}}" alt="{{}}" />



It is possible to show a single random webapp item on a list? Trying to figure it out. Thanks!

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