Digital marketing as the name suggests is the process of marketing/promoting or advertising your product/service through different types of media other than the traditional physical offline techniques of digital marketing. In layman's terms, digital marketing is the process of showcasing your product or service through the means of electronic devices or connections in the virtual space. It can be in various computer-generated formats that are audio, video, or even written. Digital marketing in this new era is also known as online or internet marketing. As the majority of digital marketing happens on the world wide web. 

The true potential of digital marketing lies in professionals coming up with different strategies to make a clear and positive impact on your brand through multiple channels. It’s all about creating unique and engaging online customer experiences for your brand.

Digital marketing is the one technique that enables you to reach multiple audiences across any physical bounds and target the interested prospects who are most likely to purchase your product or service. Digital marketing has time and again proven to be less expensive and more impactful and trackable than the physical, traditional modes of marketing. 

There are 7 main types of digital marketing. 

Let’s list them down!

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization marketing
  • PPC marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

There are various kinds of materials required to carry out each of these types of digital marketing. 

Let’s go through the prime digital marketing collateral of today.

  • Landing Pages
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • E-books
  • Tutorials and videos
  • Newsletters
  • Testimonials

Whatever marketing collateral you choose or whichever type of digital marketing you go for. Like every other business technique or as a matter of fact, any process has certain goals that are meant to be achieved so that you are onward with the accomplishments you wish to meet.

Now we’ll look into the important goals that drive digital marketing today!

Public awareness

This isn’t just a goal of marketing but the prime goal of any business of today. The public must know that your business exists and moreover, they must know what you have to offer. And how is it different from the rest of the market offers? Digital marketing puts your business out to the public, giving them different chances and opportunities to associate with your brand. It’s the first step towards gaining customers and seeing your business grow. 

Lead generation

Now, this is purely a marketing goal. This goal allows you to figure out who wants to be associated with your business in any way at any point in time. Leads help you introspect the future of your estimated clientele. We shall dive into the details of this goal later on in the blog because as very few of us know it's a daily struggle for all marketers.


More than being a goal, it is like the next achievement after lead generation. This digital marketing goal is achieved when a person is ready to carry out a purchase and is a client waiting for the exchange to take place. The conversion rate of your business in a nutshell shows how successful you are as a marketer in getting prospective clientele.


Most of us believe that this is a goal for the sales department. But it is a combined goal of sales and marketing. Without the right kind of marketing, there are negligible chances for a sales opportunity. Sales are what every business thrives on. Sales are the bloodline of a business, victory for the marketing team, and bread butter for the sales department.


Digital marketing not only focuses on the product and the service you provide. But also helps you build a web of contacts for future collaborations and various other associations like a joint venture, service exchange, etc. Networking is one goal that can take you to the pinnacle of your industry and make you an established brand among the other market players.

Brand recognition

There’s a lot more to digital marketing than we’ve discussed. If done the right way digital marketing becomes a crucial factor in branding. Successful digital marketing is the one that speaks to your brand and leaves an imprint of your business image on the public. It’s better to be a memory than an invisible entity in today’s industry.

Today we shall talk about two of the most important ingredients of digital marketing combined!! Lead generation and that too, through landing pages!! 

First of all! What is a landing page?

A landing page is a stand-alone domain/subdomain that an individual lands on by clicking a site link in a post, email, advertisement, or even another website. The prime focus of a landing page is to increase the conversions from varied marketing and advertising efforts.

The key purpose of using a landing page is to drive the visitor to take the desired action which is the sales/marketing goal of the business that mainly falls under lead generation and capturing massive conversion rates.

What does a landing page have?

Let’s take a look!

  • Header
  • USP
  • Imagery/video
  • Social Proofing
  • Trust builders.
  • Closing statement
  • CTA
  • Form
  • Branding & Design
  • Footer

Did you know?

About 66% of B2B businesses use landing pages in today’s time. Out of which, 44% take the visitors to the homepage, making them take the desired action. Landing pages are your chance to build your customer base and also unbeatable goodwill through the right branding and obviously word-of-mouth. The landing page is the teaser, and the home page is the trailer to your workplace which is the film full of the market that is the theatre.

Talking about landing pages, how can we not mention the star landing page development software, HubSpot!

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is one of the most popular and fastest-growing software of today. It is the software that will single-handedly pay heed to all your business operations right from web development to marketing, sales, onboarding, and customer services. It is known for marketing-driven web development! You can not just develop websites, but immersive landing pages and their elements to capture leads.

Let's talk about lead generation through HubSpot landing pages. But before that...

Here’s a little about lead generation!

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and keeping them hooked to the brand through a streamlined practice of nurturing. It all ends with a prime focus on turning them into customers. Lead generation is the phase when the marketing results are forwarded to sales.

How to generate leads through HubSpot landing pages?

Here are a few ways you can score big leads when you use HubSpot landing pages!

  • Use a highly creative page design.
  • Come up with highly interactive CTAs.
  • Create appropriate and crisp forms.
  • Include a section on client testimonials.
  • Emphasize the offer and its benefits.
  • Create a sense of urgency with your offer.
  • Follow the flow of the conversion funnel ardently.
  • Keep your resources highly relevant to the targets.
  • Ensure there’s a different page for every different target group.
  • Carry out A/B testing.
  • Go for multivariate testing.
  • Insert the demo button.
  • Offer subscriptions and memberships.
  • Ask if the visitors wanna sign-up for your newsletter.
  • Share some downloadable content.
  • Give out announcements of the upcoming company thrills.
  • Go ahead with social proofing.
  • Remember to give the right contact details.
  • Share links to some of your resources.
  • Ask for suggestions and feedback from existing clientele.

Now your job at getting quality leads from your landing pages is almost done. One last thing to remember is that whatever you do should be in line with your company’s branding. It should all be according to the different marketing and business goals you wish to achieve. If you feel you’re short of ideas, check out what’s trending in your industry or amongst the people. Keeping an eye on your competitors is highly recommended, so you can keep up and incubate to be better

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