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Possibly the most powerful and versatile product that actually powers our Modules! Discuss ideas and share experiences/challenges with others. The are so many possibilities with WebApps we're looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

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It is possible to show a single random webapp item on a list? Trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Complete image path in asset_url

I recently added some images to a site to update a few items in a web app. It appears that the path shown in the UI is now the complete image url and not just a partial (See images). The... (More)

Is there a way to package and transfer WebApps between Siteglide sites? (i.e., programatically build a JSON file, a la ... the current WebApp import function.)

Perhaps there should just be a new WebApp Export option to create a JSON file vs. CSV file??

Has anyone built a Liquid layout that does something like this they would be willing to share?


Update: A fix for this has now been released, no updates necessary

This looks to be a bug! I've built a fix today that will update default site search will ommit results that have a match on either ID... (More)