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Possibly the most powerful and versatile product that actually powers our Modules! Discuss ideas and share experiences/challenges with others. The are so many possibilities with WebApps we're looking forward to hearing what you come up with!

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Web app SEO fields not populating on detail pages

Maybe I missed this in the docs, but it looks like the SEO fields should automatically be applied to the web app detail pages. Am I wrong?

It looks web apps lock access to their root slug, just like they do in BC...

It looks web apps lock access to their root slug, just like they do in BC, making it impossible to create a page at that slug. For example, if your web app is rooted at /solutions, a web app... (More)


How do I set the category for a WebApp item when creating it through the Siteglide API?

I am trying to create a WebApp item and assign it to a category. This is the request body I am using:


"name": "test",

"slug": "test",

"enabled": "true",

"webapp_field_5_1": "",

"category": "23"


I have also tried using the... (More)

Helen Eichel
Wearer of Many Hats, at IMACOM Design

Hi @Julia O'Reilly19

Not sure if this is what you're after...

But if I use webapp datasource for products, I seem to get web items okay. The webapp item code is coming from the webapp list.

If you're planning the... (More)