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Siteglide Releases
Siteglide Releases
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Have a read of our latest round-up post, where we take a look at what happened at Siteglide in the month of October - and what a month it was!

There was, of course, our new product launch, Studio and... (More)

Oct 30, 2020 Release Notes & 3 Updated Docs & 12 New Docs!

Read on to see the highlights of recent releases!

Let your customers "favourite" items

You can now add a button to a WebApp/Module layouts to let logged-in users save items as "favourites"

To find out more, read our doc here.... (More)

Oct 15, 2020 Release Notes & 8 New Docs!

Recent Highlights From Releases:

FAQ - Rich Text Editing

You can now edit your answers using the same toolbar that's in Visual Editor. Change the format, hyperlink your text, add bulleted lists. Help users find important information using different styles... (More)

Release - December 11th 2019

This week's release includes:

  • Improvements to reCaptcha on forms
  • Phase 2 of Site Search that enables WebApp field searching
  • eCommerce Quotes
  • Agency Whitelabling

Checkout all of those and more here: