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From Secure Zones to Events to Photo Galleries! Discuss anything related to Modules and drill down into specific Module topics too.

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Linking to PDFs from Blog module isn't working

Hello. I'm referencing this page's instructions for linking to a downloadable PDF but so far it's not going as it should do.

As instructed on the link, when I select the Download button to get the URL of the... (More)


Can I upload a media download via the API using base64?

I want to migrate another site (not BC) to site glide and am writing some code to use APIs to transfer content.  Can the APIs be used to create media downloads?  The documentation is limited.


I have managed to do by:

  1. Displaying the full list of secure zones for the user in each webapp row as an unordered list with a CSS class that hides all items - display:none;
  2. Giving each secure zone item for... (More)
Helen Eichel
Wearer of Many Hats, at IMACOM Design

Hi @Julia O'Reilly19

Not sure if this is what you're after...

But if I use webapp datasource for products, I seem to get web items okay. The webapp item code is coming from the webapp list.

If you're planning the... (More)