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DJ Lesniak
Chief Eternal Optimist

Reveal content based on secure zone access.

Hey everyone - I'm trying to figure out the liquid for displaying content based on access to a specific zone.

I have a public page where I'm outputting web app items in list view. And those web app items are... (More)

[Resolved] eCommerce module bug

Hi All,

Seem to have found a bug in the e-commerce module. When I add products to the shopping cart, and then delete them all, and then navigate away to another page, it will still "re-add" the last item I... (More)


[Resolved] eCommerce module error

Hi all, getting this error on several of my ecommerce pages (was not present before) and now not showing products, do you know what could be the issue?

FunctionTagError: function modules/siteglide_ecommerce/ecommerce/get/get_products_custom_gql_process must return a value via a {%... (More)


Notification emails not "loading" in Outlook for desktop on Windows

Hi All. Thanks in advance for your help.

We're having an issue with notification emails not "loading" in Outlook for desktop on Windows. Has anybody else experienced this?

Here's a screenshot

Notification emails work fine when opened with other... (More)