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BC Migrations
BC Migrations

Discuss all things BC migrations! With EOL in March 2021 now's the time to discuss how to migrate your sites and hopefully to Siteglide!

If you're hitting roadblocks what are they and can someone help?

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Siteglide CLI not working

Hi there,

I'm running through the Siteglide CLI walk through video from this page and I've got a problem when I run the siteglide-cli sync command in the project folder from the command line:

''siteglide-cli' is not recognized as... (More)

Are you guys planning an image manipulation capability like BC? (i.e., "?action=thumbnail&width=x&height=y&&algorithm=fillType")

With BC, we got to using srcset and sizes together with BC's thumbnail parameters to generate right-sized images on the fly for various device/window sizes. Something like this:

<img sizes="(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px" srcset=" /images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=480 480w, /images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=576 576w, /images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=768 768w,... (More)

Do I need to be a partner to for migrating a few Business Catalyst sites?

Hello. I'm looking at possibly using Siteglide for migrating a few Business Catalyst sites to, do I need to be a partner to do this or can I just create a Siteglide account, or is that the same thing? Also,... (More)