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Urszula Richards
Founder - onlineiq & Web Team Adelaide
Asked a question 3 years ago

Updating Credit Card for Hosting Payments ...I set up automatic billing with Siteglide for hosting a site, and the linked card was a temp one and no longer has funds. I have updated the 'customer' in Stripe to add new default credit card but ... not sure how to trigger this payment - it currently is showing as a failed payment. What is the process to manage this?

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Urszula Richards
Founder - onlineiq & Web Team Adelaide

All resolved now.

I set this up as my client paying (but it was actually on my test card). A few workarounds happening at the moment while we wait for the full billing system to be rolled out and transition from annual payments in BC to SG system and rhythm.

To answer my own question - I logged in and updated the 'client' credit card to a new one, and the failed payment then was resolved when card with funds added as default, and attached to that product. ie. I did not need to do anything to trigger a new payment attempt.

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