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To add page meta title and description to search results, how do I modify item.liquid line <li><a href="{{url}}">{{name}}</a></li> ? I tried adding {{page_title}} and {{page_description}} objects without success. Where can I find a list of liquid objects available to Siteglide? Thank you, /Mark/

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Matt JonesSiteglide
Liquid and GraphQL Developer

Hi Mark, 

As available Liquid output increases with every feature you include in the Page, the best place to look for documentation is in the Feature's Documentation- in this case Site Search32. However, I can see that the desired information is not there in this case! I'll investigate and update it for you.

For developers who prefer to tinker and explore for themselves, we have also now added a series of Articles in the Developers Section of the Docs which explain fully how to use Liquid Dot Notation to find out all the possible live Liquid output on your Page. You can start learning here:

Hope this helps!

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