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Liz Gibbs
Web Professional
Asked a question last year

Noticed a module called slider mentioned in the documentation - how do we add that to a site? Can it be integrated with the testimonial module?

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Matt JonesSiteglide
Liquid and GraphQL Developer

Hi Liz,

We don't currently have a Slider Module available sorry. We'll remove the old documentation as it refers to an experimental feature in the early days of Siteglide - unfortunately it doesn't meet the level of quality needed to be added on Live Sites.

If this is an important feature to you, perhaps you might like to make a feature request on the Roadmap?

In the meantime, you can use a 3rd party JavaScript Slider plugin in your List Layout for the Testimonial Module. You'd need to embed the JavaScript in the wrapper.liquid file and include the items where the JavaScript expects to see the slider images. 

I have seen other community members using but the best thing is to find a plugin that you find useful and easy to develop with.

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