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Peter Monk
Web Developer
Asked a question last year

Just a question on the implications of installing the Design System module on an imported site. I understand that an imported site which uses Bootstrap 4 should be able to nicely handle having the Design System module activated on it. If I find that this breaks things, will uninstalling the Design System module then return the site to exactly the way it was before installation? Or are there changes made during the installation process that will permanently change the site in some way? Basically, is this something I safely experiment with? Thanks, Peter.

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Matt JonesSiteglide
Liquid and GraphQL Developer

Hi Peter, 

It's a good question. I don't believe we have tested this recently enough to give you a clear answer on the likelihood of it "breaking" your layouts- but I can encourage you to experiment in the knowledge that it will be reversible one way or another. 

The only part of Design System that could break your Bootstrap 4 layouts is a CSS file. If something wasn't compatible and you wanted to fix it- there are two main ways:

- 1 Fix it- The Design System CSS will be hidden behind the scenes, but would be positioned at the top of the document, so you can override problematic rules with any of your own CSS rules, as long as you are specific enough.
-2 Reverse it- We would be able to remove the link to the CSS for you. 

Hope this helps?

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