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Amol Rangole
Sr. Software Developer
Asked a question last year

I have four different variants(options) for one product. I have created them in product attribute tab, they have Name, Image, Product code (unique for each option). Now, on selecting the product option from dropdown, the Name, Image, and Product code of the product must change (or atleast have a direct option for enable or disable). Currently, there is only way to do this and it is by writing custom code which is very difficult to write, as we also need to include some siteglide code, and these mixing of code doesn't give desired output. So, we need one feature in siteglide, to chage the Name, Image and Product code according to option selected, and siteglide must built the code in backend.

Where am I?

In Siteglide Community Forum you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Hi Amol, 

Sure, so you may be able to use information from this doc to help you here -

You've also created a feature request for this, that's good!