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Amol Rangole
Sr. Software Developer
Asked a question last year

Does anybody know, what exact liquid tag must be added to show the image of product on order confirmation page ? refer the screenshot 1. I tried using the liquid tag shown in screenshot-order-2 but didn't worked ..

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Hi Amol

I used <img src='{{["module_field_14/product_2"] | asset_url }}' alt="{{ product.product_name }}"/>

This is a snippet of the code I used below:

<div class="order-completed-grid">
	{% for product in this.order_products -%}
		<div class="order-completed-card">
			<img src='{{["module_field_14/product_2"] | asset_url }}' alt="{{ product.product_name }}"/>
			<div class="order-completed-details">
				<p class="font-weight-bold blue-text no-mar">{{ product.product_name }}</p>
				<p class="no-mar"><span class="d-inline-block font-weight-bold width-100">Quantity:</span>{{ product.quantity }}</p>
				{% for attribute in product.order_product_attributes -%}
					{% if attribute.product_attribute_name != blank -%}
						<p class="no-mar"><span class="d-inline-block font-weight-bold width-100">{{ attribute.product_attribute_name }}:</span>{{ attribute.product_attribute_option_name }}</p>
					{% endif -%}
				{% endfor -%}
				<p class="no-mar"><span class="d-inline-block font-weight-bold width-100">Price:</span>{{ product.currency_symbol }}{{ product.price }}</p>
	{% endfor -%}

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