We've endeavoured to match BC for features when it comes to eCommerce to allow for smooth migrations, but we still aren't 100% there. However, hopefully you've been able to take advantage of the eCommerce features that are in place in order to get sites at least close to what they were on BC.

Here's a list of the remaining features we will be working on in the next couple of weeks to give you some time before BC EOL to complete these sites.

1. Order and Attribute CSV Import/Export (also Form Cases; unrelated to eCommerce, by still worth noting)
2. Attribute Inventory
3. A more open payment processing and validation flow - This will allow you to inject your own functions and processes into the flow. For example you may want to alter the final price paid by the user based on a Secure Zone they have access to (essentially Wholesale Pricing). Also, you could check if a user has balance on-account (in a custom CRM field), and again alter the final price paid, whilst also updating this aforementioned custom field.

These final changes should help anyone to achieve what they could on BC, and push beyond that in the future. Of course any custom payment processing/validation functions could be uploaded to Marketplace to share with the community if you feel they would be widely appreciated.