Recent Highlights From Releases:


FAQ -  Rich Text Editing 

You can now edit your answers using the same toolbar that's in Visual Editor. Change the format, hyperlink your text, add bulleted lists. Help users find important information using different styles for your text. Simply update your FAQ Module, and you're on your way!


Secure Zones - Session timeout

You can log users out after a period of inactivity; perfect for when users are using public computers, or you want to keep track of users' last logged in dates. You can set this up in Site Details, within the "Configuration" tab.


PayPal Payment Gateway is now here! - Use one of the biggest payment gateways and make for a much quicker checkout process - simply pay using your PayPal account; no need for customers to enter any bank details.

You can find out more information here - Payment Gateways - Using PayPal with Basic Payment and Checkout Forms


eCommerce Flattening Usage - We love saving you money here at Siteglide and with this improvement, you are doing just that. 

Pricing and inventory are now stored directly against a product. No more deleting this in multiple places, or even finding this in multiple areas!

Make sure to check out our eCommerce Changelog for more information


Check out our release notes to see what else is new:

Oct 15, 2020 - Release Notes

Module - FAQ - Changelog

Module - eCommerce - Changelog

Module - System Files - Changelog

Module - Starter Site - Changelog


Brand New Docs:

Studio By Siteglide 

Studio By Siteglide - Introduction

Visual Page Builder - Introduction

Visual Page Builder - How To Build

Studio Variables - Explanations

Studio - Latest Studio Variables


Other New Docs

FAQ - How to style the Card Fields in any Payment Form using the Stripe Payment Gateway?

Secure Zones with CLI

Pages Custom Session Fields