Hello. I'm referencing this page's instructions for linking to a downloadable PDF but so far it's not going as it should do.  https://help.siteglide.com/en/articles/3711284-faq-how-can-i-link-to-a-download-using-the-direct-url

As instructed on the link, when I select the Download button to get the URL of the PDF to download, the file downloads to my Downloads folder, so I can't get the download URL I need. And when I use either the Copy Direct URL button or the Copy Asset button and paste that the result is not what I want either, the link opens up a page showing an XML error as shown in the attached screenshot.

The other screenshot shows that the link is correct, so should be working.

Further to this, I have discovered that if having pasted the Direct URL to the link and then I edit the link so that URL goes from https://uploads.staging.oregon.platform-os.com/instances/5388/assets/pdf/SAT_2017-02-18_22(1).pdf?updated=1619711814000 

to href="/assets/pdf/NZG Nov 2018.pdf", sometimes it works, but it is inconsistent.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong or is this a bug?