I'm using the jQuery Validation plugin and jQuery Steps to re-create a form wizard that was very straightforward in BC.

Specifically, I need to figure out how to get Siteglide's standard javascript submission process... (triggered by the submit button below)

<button type="button" class="btn buttonAccent" onclick="s_form_submit_v2(this,'form_X')">Submit</button>

...to properly execute within the Validation plugin's submitHandler callback function following validation.

I migrated this site from BC. Implementing this in BC was easy because it simply fired the form's action. However, because Siteglide's form action of "/api/customizations" (??) appears to be dependent on the system-generated submit button's onclick function firing, I need to better understand what's going on behind the scenes with the form submission process in order to concoct a working callback function.

Currently this is the primary thing keeping me from launching this migrated site onto Siteglide. So, any assistance or insight into the standard form validation/submission process would be much appreciated.