I did a loom video to show what I encountered.
Please let me know if this goes here or not



First question 

- How to upload contacts with extended crm (I have mapped this to fields I created in Siteglide).


- Name field. Does this automatically understand First and Last name?

Quick Subscribe

- important feature to add new person to database

- also noticed there is no way to directly add user to database without it being via csv import or form submission

Email list

- can create a list, but no idea how to import people into the list

Campaign bug

- can't delete a campaign

- campaign copies each time I access page ending up with multiple campaigns with same name

CRM record

- need to be able to add a user to a list from their CRM record (just as you can add then to a secure zone)

SAVING - takes long time


- no way to add image

Delete Campaign

- needs to be possible so we don't end up with a mess

Archive Campaign

- need to be able to archive to not have a mess

Send test email

- not working

Nice to have - integration with categories.