I created a form that contains a Custom Field. When the form is filled out, the data appears to be gathered in the Cases tab, but not the Custom Fields tab.

Also, I noticed that I can import data for a Custom Field set a number of times. Each time I import, the name of the Custom Field Set appears, followed by the new data.

Screen cap to follow, where data for "BC Form Data" was imported on two separate occasions:


Currently it appears that the Export button within the CRM/Users section will provide a csv file for all users, but the data exported is only from the "Details" tab ( the first tab), and does not include any data from the Custom Fields or Cases tabs.


The "Download import template" - This will also export all existing data (can split this out into separate button later) - does not seem to download all the data, specially if a second batch of imported data has been added. Only the first batch of imported data appears to be downloaded