With BC, we got to using srcset and sizes together with BC's thumbnail parameters to generate right-sized images on the fly for various device/window sizes. Something like this:

sizes="(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px"
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=480 480w,
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=576 576w,
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=768 768w,
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=992 992w,
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=1200 1200w,
/images/sliders/slide-1.jpg?action=thumbnail&amp;width=1920 1440w"
alt="Slide 1 Alt Text">

After getting used to this approach, the idea of saving and storing multiple versions of images for devices/sizes seems so "yesterday."

Is this even something that platformOS / Siteglide can do? Does Siteglide have any plans, recommendations or best practices for handling responsive images? Or should we just look to the likes of Cloudinary, Imagekit, etc. if we want/need programmatic image delivery?

Does anyone else have ideas or suggestions?