Hello Everyone,

  - We want to implement Advanced filtering functionality with multiple selection for each field along with Min price and Max price selection filters For Ecommerce project using siteglide. My requirement is similar to this screenshot named as required functionality. Please check this screenshot.

      So Now using Advanced filtering available in siteglide which is used for Modules and webapps etc. I have developed it on one of my demo site https://product-grouping-module-v5.staging.oregon.platform-os.com/testing-of-advanced-filtering-in-ecommerce . But for multiple options selection it's not working. As Matt did guide me I have passed the multiple selected options to the URL parameters with comma separated format but it's not working. It works only if I select one value from each dropdown.

      1) Could you please guide me, what I have to do here so that this functionality will work for multiple options selection ?

     2) Is it possible to add price filters in this advanced filtering of siteglide. ? i.e. Min price and Max price. If yes could you please give me some direction so that I can achieve this functionality using advanced filtering of siteglide.