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Emily replied 3 days ago
BC Migrations

Siteglide CLI not working

Hi there,

I'm running through the Siteglide CLI walk through video from this page and I've got a problem when I run the siteglide-cli sync command in the project folder from the command line:

''siteglide-cli' is not recognized as... (More)

Urszula commented 10 days ago

Hi Peter, thanks for the question!

It looks like we haven't plugged in those fields to work just yet, so there isn't a way to populate them for now unfortunately.

Perhaps you could send new orders and other info through... (More)


Top Level Category issues

How do I change the slug for the top level category? It is product but I want to use /product for another page.

Also, the top level category doesn't seem to use the selected template, even if it is the... (More)


OK, so I have figured out. A couple of problems:

  1. You must save Custom Field Set data using both the Save button in the CFS panel and the one for the product!
  2. You can't seem to use the ... .cfs_6.cfs_field_6_1... (More)