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Our first monthly round-up of 2022 is here!🚀

This month we see the release of the ability to save and re-use reports, brand new field types, support tickets, and a sneak peek of some exciting features to come!

Find out more and see other updates from January here

Amol Rangole
Sr. Software Developer

Inventory control not working as per the document.

Hello Everyone,

I have implemented inventory control in my site referring to this doc :

Inventory check function is running good and also showing message if quantity input is above inventory.

(URL :

But my checkout button... (More)


Form on new site isn't sending

Hi there,

The form on this site, just gone live this week, isn't sending  Nothing happens on submitting. I'm pretty sure that I've got everything configured correctly. 

Hi Amol, 

It looks like this was also queried in chat and it was suggested to create a custom code solution for this.