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Hi Peter, thanks for the question!

It looks like we haven't plugged in those fields to work just yet, so there isn't a way to populate them for now unfortunately.

Perhaps you could send new orders and other info through... (More)

E-commerce module bug

Hi All,

Seem to have found a bug in the e-commerce module. When I add products to the shopping cart, and then delete them all, and then navigate away to another page, it will still "re-add" the last item I... (More)

Hi Phil,

No, I don't think you're missing it on the platform...I think you can do it via CLI, but the sync function is very sketchy (TBH), it seems to only work one way rather than 'syncing', I'd suggest 'pull'ing... (More)


Form with Multiple File Uploads - 2 Big Issues

My client has a form wizard for on-boarding potential new customers that requires 4 separate file upload input fields be used to gather the necessary paperwork to initiate their customer's account. (Files are generally PDFs or scanned images)

In short,... (More)