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Shopping cart allowing progress to checkout without shipping options or tax values selected

Hello, hope somebody can help with this, it's a bit of an urgent issue to get fixed.

The shopping cart form here ( is allowing users to progress through to the Checking out stage without having selected a shipping option... (More)

eCommerce - 1.7.0 - Attribute Inventory, Export/Import, and Currencies

  • Product Attributes
    • Added Inventory control to Product Attributes - Docs
    • Pricing of Product Attributes is now controlled per currency, rather than 1 charge for all currencies
    • CSV Import/Export is now available from the Product List view
  • Added the ability to... (More)

Hi Al, 

Sure, so you can add this cart code to your header and apply this across all of your templates/pages. You can find examples of how to do this within any created demosite.