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Daniel Depaz
WSI (We Simplify Internet) Consultant in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana (French Caribbean Islands)

Grouping option that was on BC / A must have on Siteglide

Hi, To better understand the issue we have with our clients with Siteglide...  

Here is the products on BC with Grouping :

and the products on Siteglide without that Grouping option...

Still waiting for the "Steroides" on Siteglide...


eCommerce - 1.9.0 - Multiple payment method options on Checkout

You can now add multiple payment method options to a checkout layout.

The docs listed in the eCommerce changelog will give you information on how to do so, and the feature will soon be added to Demo Site for you... (More)


eCommerce - 1.8.0 - Shipping Tax

  • Shipping Option Tax - This allows you to set which Tax Codes apply to a Shipping Option, and display prices inc/ex Tax on Cart and Invoice layouts - Docs


Full changelog here


eCommerce - 1.9.1 - More Tax Totals

Following on from suggestions here we've made more Tax breakdowns available for output.

- Final Item Price - price_total_item_cost - The total of all Products in the Cart, with any applicable Tax added -
- Final Total Tax Amount -... (More)