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Hi Amol, 

It looks like this was also queried in chat and it was suggested to create a custom code solution for this.



CRM - Address Book - Alpha Release

We have now released CRM Addresses for Alpha testing.

Here you're able to add Address data to a CRM User, and add Address fields to a Form.

You can find Alpha documentation here (Password: Ld4kCUBu3mkqGHG8)

For this Alpha release... (More)


CRM - Address Book (Developer Preview)

We're currently working on adding an Address Book to the CRM, which will enable the following task:

Addresses will be available on Forms, and they'll be able to either create new Addresses or... (More)

GraphQL Order Record (Model Schema) Structure / Documentation

I am attempting to import historical order data via GraphQL, using mutations. According to my research, an order record is a model schema with id: 8787. I am just wondering if you have documentation about an order record, what each... (More)