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Can someone explain how the "extra" hidden form input field is used in the default.liquid layout?

The default.liquid layout outputs the code for a file upload field on a form as follows:

<div class="row mt-4 file"> <div class="col"> <label for="form_field_2_11">Upload Resale Certificate</label> <input class="form-control" name="{{ }}" data-cfs="3-1-file" type="hidden"> <input class="form-control" id="form_field_2_11_file" type="file"> </div> </div>

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Matt JonesSiteglide
Liquid and GraphQL Developer

Good question Bruce!

I think what you're hoping to do is remove the "input-error" class on the fields that have failed Siteglide validation - once your own JavaScript validation has re-validated them?

Does that help?


PDF Downloads

Client is asking me how to link to a pdf.

I can't quite work out the url to use.

Should we create a mini web app for this purpose while Media Downloads module gets created?


Visual Editor Image Question

Great to learn improvements are being made to the Visual Editor :)


Although the text editing seems to work well, for whatever reason, I do not seem to be able to insert images correctly.

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