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Cool Autoresponder Trick

Copied from Roadmap (originally created by Devon Reehl)

Just a heads up that you can output any web app item or content section in an Autoresponder layout.

You could not do this in BC.

Use case: You have a form... (More)

Is there a way to see/review/obtain the code for the javascript function that gets fired when a Form is submitted using Siteglide's standard submit button generated by the system?

I'm using the jQuery Validation plugin and jQuery Steps to re-create a form wizard that was very straightforward in BC.

Specifically, I need to figure out how to get Siteglide's standard javascript submission process... (triggered by the submit button below)... (More)


Can someone explain how the "extra" hidden form input field is used in the default.liquid layout?

The default.liquid layout outputs the code for a file upload field on a form as follows:

<div class="row mt-4 file"> <div class="col"> <label for="form_field_2_11">Upload Resale Certificate</label> <input class="form-control" name="{{ }}" data-cfs="3-1-file" type="hidden"> <input class="form-control" id="form_field_2_11_file" type="file"> </div> </div>

I'm... (More)

Matt JonesSiteglide
Liquid and GraphQL Developer
Is there a way to (re)validate a form's input fields individually? I know we can initiate JS validation when submitting a form, but once error alerts are in place, it would be nice to have a way to remove those alerts (re-validate fields with existing errors) as each field is subsequently corrected by the user. Is this possible?

Good question Bruce!

I think what you're hoping to do is remove the "input-error" class on the fields that have failed Siteglide validation - once your own JavaScript  validation has re-validated them?

Does that help?