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BC Migrations
BC Migrations

Discuss all things BC migrations! With EOL in March 2021 now's the time to discuss how to migrate your sites and hopefully to Siteglide!

If you're hitting roadblocks what are they and can someone help?

Daniel Depaz
WSI (We Simplify Internet) Consultant in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana (French Caribbean Islands)
Voted for Client didn't have to pay a dime!

Hello, I didn't charge for simple migration from BC to Siteglide, but for my big clients (clients I work with monthly and regularly) I proposed them to take that occasion to build a new site on Siteglide, and then I... (More)

Adobe Business Catalyst End Of Life is happening in less than 12 days!

We're releasing some much-needed features over the next few weeks to help you with any last-minute migrations:

- Orders, Cases and Attributes Importing tools

- Attribute Inventory

- Custom Payment Flows

- BC Rescue Packages and brand new Pricing!

Find... (More)

Upcoming eCommerce work tied to BC EOL

We've endeavoured to match BC for features when it comes to eCommerce to allow for smooth migrations, but we still aren't 100% there. However, hopefully you've been able to take advantage of the eCommerce features that are in place in... (More)